Rates & Fees

Online Merchant Rates

Industry Rates
Our Rates
Application/Set Up Fee

$95-$250 Non-Refundable

Retail/Swipe Rates
1.79% – 1.99%
Key-in/Internet Rates
2.39% – 2.59%
Discover/AMEX Setup Fee
Credit Restrictions

Very Strict

98% Acceptance
Transaction Fee
25-35 cents
.09 cents
Statement Fee
$12-$20 per month
$10.00 per month
Cancellation Fee

Risks factors & solutions of online merchant

An Online Merchant Account will allow you to accept credit card payments of the customer when they make purchases. Nowadays, it is rapidly growing as more and more advances are made. Many people are now using the merchant bank account processing facilities. People have switched over to making the use of the plastic cards instead of paying by using cash. The retailers too have started making use of credit card facilities and accepting payments via credit. Thus, both the parties have found their convenience in merchant account services.

Being an integral part of the payments of transactions, it is essential to keep in mind all the risk factors that might arise if a person fails to make proper research regarding merchant account services. By finding out the risks of merchant credit card processing, one can save himself from many problems.

The risks further increase at every step of the process and errors can occur at different stages. Thus, taking proper precautions can reduce the risk level and error rate. online merchant account processing effective and favorable. No more worrying over not having enough cash to buy what you want, or unable to increase customer base. This is a faster approach to handling transactions, with more efficiency.

Some of the risks which can be involved include credit risks, transaction risks, management issues, liquidity risks, reputation risks and strategic risks. All the risks lead to one major crisis: Financial loss.

Therefore, an individual should take the necessary steps from the very beginning to avoid any type of loss. As online merchant, when extending credit facilities to the customers, it is a good idea to check their credit worthiness beforehand. This will reduce the adverse affects it might have had on the business’s liquidity. The proper training of the employees is crucial in order to reduce management risks. They should be trained about appropriate handling of transactions, and handling internet orders. Not taking their training into account will affect the business. It is important to ensure that there are no computer or network failures, which might delay transactions for a long period of time. Having a backup is also a good idea in case of a calamity.

Therefore, to increase sales and profits, and minimize risks, the right type of merchant account provider should be chosen, and the business should enhance the employee’s working capabilities to reduce errors, and improve management.

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