Security Error Message

Receiving a “Security Error” message when you try to process a credit or debit card with your Hypercom terminal? If so the reason is as of October 2015 new EMV regulations went into effect. Your processor not Hypercom has chosen to not allow you to run transactions with your current terminal, this error message has nothing to do with Hypercom.
You basically have 3 options going forward

1. Purchase an EMV approved terminal from your current processor

2. Purchase and EMV approved terminal from a 3rd party provider

3. Change processors and find someone that will provide you a terminal free of charge

**** Just a note we suggest checking with your current processor if you are going choose the 2nd option as we have had many situations where the current merchant provider refuses to re-program another terminal in an effort to sell the business owner an overpriced terminal.

We have made arrangements with Global Payments to provide a free EMV terminal to business owners needing to upgrade. If you have an interest please fill out the information below to receive a call from one of there representitives.

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